Do I Need A Furnace In Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City temperatures averages from 29 degrees to 94 degrees Fahrenheit. That sounds fairly temperate, until you consider that you’ll spend six months with lows under 50 degrees. The climate really requires that homeowners have heating solutions in Oklahoma City, unlike other parts of the nation that only require cooling.

So, what options are available, and how does one decide?

The options are varied, but the most common installation is central heating. Central heating is a system whereby a network of ducts supplies warm or cool air to multiple rooms from a single source. This differs from space heating, where a single room is warmed by a single source. Central heating systems are by far the most popular type of installation in and around Oklahoma City. They consist generally of a heat pump for warm air and an air conditioning unit for cool air, accompanied by the ductwork that delivers the air and a thermostat for controlling the system. They can be combined with zoning mechanisms to allow different specifications for different areas of the house, air purifiers and cleaners, humidifiers, and home automation systems.

Determining what system and additional options are best for you will depend upon your needs. If you travel frequently, home automation that can be managed via a cell phone or laptop may suit your requirements. If your home is large and portions go un-used then perhaps a zoning arrangement may be needed. Specific health demands may necessitate or benefit from a humidifier or purifier. Or, perhaps cost is a factor and a basic system is all that you need. There are a lot of variables to consider, and a lot of information about those variables to sort through. Heating solutions in Oklahoma City abound, and a professional in the field can help you determine what approach will best suit you and your household.

Three people are standing around a home with an air conditioner.